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Beyond Bitcoin

Digital Asset Solutions for RIAs

Smart Beta and thematic indexes and SMA model portfolios designed to track broadly diversified and targeted thematic exposure of digital assets.


Beyond Bitcoin Indexes

Beyond Bitcoin is a leading provider of digital asset indices and separately managed account (SMA) model portfolios. Incredible developments are occurring in areas such as tokenized real world assets, Web3, smart contract platforms, DeFi, Layer -1 protocols and Layer-2 scaling solutions. Beyond Bitcoin is focused on these exciting themes and use cases with a series of indices to track the overall market as well as specific sectors. 

Many of the leading broad digital asset index funds are market-capitalization weighted and therefore may have over 90% of their assets in just two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether.  This is sub-optimal for two reasons, they are not diversified from a general investment standpoint and they don’t offer exposure to many of the most exciting protocols and applications that may represent the future of the asset class. The indices offered by Beyond Bitcoin track the space in a more diversified and inclusive manner than many other digital asset indices currently on the market.

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